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The Polex Precision Machining Company was first found  in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California (USA) in 1987. We specialise in machining of different types of plastics, metals like aluminium, brass, steel, copper and other exotic materials (inconel, titanium, invar, kovar, tungsten etc.)  as well as prototype and components production. We provide our services to highly specialized branches of industry, for example: aerospace, medical devices, robotics and industrial automatics and many more. 

Our great success on the American market encouraged us to bring our operations back to Europe. In 1998, our company opened a modern 3000 square meters of floor space plant in Pisarzowice near Wroclaw, Poland.

The production facilities of our plant have the best CNC machines, which guarantee high precision and perfect performance. All of our final products are subject to dense precise measurements and go through the quality control department, which is equipped with a CMM machine. That’s why we have been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Polex Precision Machining is a leader in terms of excellence, quality and precision. All our employees are highly trained and their professional qualifications guarantee the best quality of products and excellent customer service. Our goal is meeting the expectations of our clients. We cooperate with our customers on every stage of the project implementation and we guarantee timely realization of orders.

Try us! Join hundreds of satisfied clients. 

"Polex is our name - Precision is our game"