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Quality is carefully controlled at every stage. We inspect 100 % of short and medium production parts according to ISO 9001:2000. They are regularly gauged and checked out by our Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. Our Quality Department is staffed by highly trained, experienced professionals with many years in the industry.

Measuring chamber instruments:

Measuring Machine CMM - DEA Gamma

Scherr-Tumico – Digital, Optical Comparators

Mitutoyo – Gauge Blocks

Mitutoyo – Digital Micrometers (Outside Diameter, Inside Diameter)

Tesa and Mitutoyo - Bore Gauges

Mitutoyo - Height Gauges

Thread Gauges

Pin Gauges

Depth Micrometers


Digital indicators

All our gauges and measuring instruments are calibrated by the National Measurement Laboratory. Each tool has it’s own certificate.